Joan + Stephanie = Joanie's


My love of creamy butter tarts began in elementary school when my friend Stephanie and I used to ride our bicycles to the corner store.

We spent our paper route earnings on a dozen butter tarts that we shared between giggles, thoroughly enjoying every last crumb.

I have always been a skilled cook and baker. My recipes were rebuilt several years ago with learning that I was Celiac. With determination - and many hours of trials - I have perfected my gluten free pastry recipe.

When I visited my dear friend in hospital earlier this year and brought her some of my homemade butter tarts.

We had a few laughs, reminisced about our youth, and enjoyed our favourite treat. Stephanie passed away peacefully on June 1, 2018 ... National Butter Tart Day.

My heart was broken. In an effort to heal, I turned to my ever present entrepreneurial spirit and my passion for baking to create Joanie's Pastries.
​I set out to honour our cherished memories with not just a good butter tart but a spectacular gluten-free butter tart ... and, yes it is possible!

​I hope you enjoy every bite!